Glasgow City Council to axe 1,500 jobs in £130m cuts drive

Scotland's biggest local authority is to axe 1,500 jobs over the next financial year as part of widespread cuts.

City Council leader Frank McAveety. Picture: John Devlin
City Council leader Frank McAveety. Picture: John Devlin

Glasgow City Council said the reduction in posts will help it achieve savings of £130 million over the next two years. It stressed there would be no compulsory redundancies.

Frank McAveety, the council’s leader, said it was faced with a “double whammy” of cuts imposed by Holyrood and Westminster.

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The council has said the job cuts will be achieved through “natural wastage” as well as the redeployment of staff.

However, the unprecedented scale of the savings will have a widespread impact across the city. As part of its revised budget, the Labour-led local authority’s grant towards 1,250 third-sector organisations will be culled by £6.15m in the next financial year, rising to £7.75m by 2018.

Mr McAveety said: “The £130m cuts we face over the next two years are not just cuts from Westminster. Glasgow has had a double whammy of Holyrood cuts piled on top of those from Westminster.

“When I became leader the city faced a cuts bill of £103m. Now it is £130m. Make no ­mistake this is a direct result of the Scottish Government’s budget cuts.

“While the Scottish Government budget was cut by 1.5 per cent by Westminster here in Glasgow our budget faces a 4.4 per cent cut from Holyrood. The result can be figured in tens of millions.”

Susan Aitken, leader of the council’s SNP group, said: “It has been clear throughout this debate that the administration are more interested in using the budget as an opportunity to attack the SNP and the ­Scottish Government than to actually unite to protect the people of Glasgow and their services against the real threat, which is the year-by-year reduction to Scotland’s budget and the consequent impact on every single part of our public sector.”