Gender Recognition Reform Bill: Protest following passage of Bill under investigation by Police Scotland

Police officers are investigating whether there was any criminality when an opponent to the Gender Recognition Reform Bill ‘flashed’ the Scottish Parliament chamber.

Officers confirmed multiple complaints had been received by the force about the incident on Thursday, December 22, which saw a protester lift up their skirt to show what appeared to be a merkin – a pubic wig.

The act was part of a protest from opponents of the Bill, which involved one individual shouting “I am a duck trapped in a woman’s body, quack quack, quack quack”, as well as “shame on you” and “there is no democracy here”.

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The ‘flashing’ incident saw a woman shout “if you are not going to be decent, I am going to be indecent”, before lifting up her skirt in the public gallery.

It is understood police officers did not arrest the individual immediately following the protest in Holyrood. However, complaints from some attending have since been received by police.

A Police Scotland spokesperson told The Scotsman: "We have received complaints and enquiries are ongoing."

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The protest took place in the Holyrood chamber. Picture: PAThe protest took place in the Holyrood chamber. Picture: PA
The protest took place in the Holyrood chamber. Picture: PA



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