FMQs: Sturgeon issues festive appeal to Corbyn EU referendum

Nicola Sturgeon has told Jeremy Corbyn to "show leadership" and help make a second EU referendum a reality.

Nicola Sturgeon appealed to Jeremy Corbyn
Nicola Sturgeon appealed to Jeremy Corbyn

The First Minister warned that both the UK Government and Labour are seeking to "run down the clock " on the Brexit process which is thwarting efforts to find a way out of the current "sorry mess."

Mr Corbyn and Scottish Labour Richard Leonard were both urged to "get off their backsides" and back a People's Vote by Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie during exchanges at First Minister's Questions today.

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She said: "It is obvious me that the Prime Minister's tactics are to run down the clock so that it gets to the point that it's either her deal or no deal.

"I think that is a dreadful approach to be taking when there are alternatives.

"But it also seem to me that that is Jeremy Corbyn's tactic as well - to try to run down the clock so that he doesn't have to take a decision on second referendum.

She added: "I would appeal to Jeremy Corbyn over the Christmas break to reflect, yes on the views of his own party and many of his MPs, and above all else in the interests of people the length and breadth of the UK and come back in the new year supporting an EU referendum so that people across the UK can get the opportunity at long last to reverse Brexit and find a way out of this sorry mess.

Ms Sturgeon said today that "momentum is building" in favour of a second EU referendum, across the UK.

"The biggest barrier to making decisive progress in this direction is the Labour party at Westminster," she added.

"It is inexplicable to me why they have not thus far supported the SNP, the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and Plaid Cymru in bringing a vote of No Confidence in this incompetent Tory Government.

Ms Sturgeon said if the motion passed it would bring about Labour's desire for a general election, while defeat would "force Jeremy Corbyn to take a decision" on a second referendum.

Labour support for a People Vote would see the momentum for his become "unstoppable", the SNP leader indicated.

Mr Rennie said leading Labour figures like Chuka Umunna, Kezia Dugdale, Daniel Johnston and Ian Murray all backed a People's Vote - along with 86% of Labour members.

"I'm sure the First Minister will be as frustrated as me with a Labour leadership that does everything it possibly can to avoid backing a People's Vote.

"How many Labour supporters have to lose their jobs before the Labour leadership understands there is no such thing as `jobs first Brexit'.

"How chaotic does Brexit have to get before Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard get off their backsides and stand up to stop it?"