FMQs: Nicola Sturgeon warns of Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister

A new Tory Prime Minister such as Boris Johnson could "rip up" any Brexit deal on future EU relations, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

The SNP leader warned Jeremy Corbyn that the prospect of striking a deal with Theresa My on Brexit could be a trap, during First Ministers Questions at Holyrood today.
Ms Sturgeon also warned that there will be no way to mitigate the worst impact of of a no deal Brexit, amid concerns over medical supplies and an economic crash.

Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said any agreement between the two main party leaders would not be in the formal withdrawal agreement. Mrs May and the Labour leader are currently in talks seeking to resolve the Commons impasse on Brexit.
"It could be unpicked by Boris Johnson if he takes over fro Theresa May later this year," Rennie said of any potential deal.

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Nicola Sturgeon warned of Boris Johnson becoming PM

She said: "I am very concerned that a deal may lead to a legally binding withdrawal agreement being passed which would irrevocably take the UK out of the EU, on the strength of non-binding legally binding commitment on the future relationship, which could, as Willie Rennie says, be ripped by a future Prime Minister, perish the thought, such a Boris Johnson.

"That's a concern I expressed strongly to Jeremy Corbyn and his colleagues yesterday."

If I was in his shoes I would be very, very wary about doing a deal on that basis."

The First Minister will chair a meeting of the Scottish Government's resilience committee today which will is planning for the worst impact of a "no deal" Brexit scenario taking place.

But she warned: "I'll be very candid with the chamber - no matter how much planning or contingency work we do, it will not be possible to mitigate every impact of a no deal Brexit should that happen."