FMQs: Nicola Sturgeon tells Scottish Labour to "get on the phone" to Jeremy Corbyn

Nicola Sturgeon has called on Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard to "get on the phone" to UK party leader Jeremy Corbyn to secure his backing for a People's Vote on Brexit.

Nicola Sturgeon stepped upped the pressure on Brexit

The First Minister claimed the UK Labour leader's influence could be the decisive intervention which ensures a second referendum takes place.
Ms Sturgeon told MSPs today at First Minister's Questions that despite the vote in the Commons last night, ruling out No deal, this remained the "default position" on March 29.
"I think the Government should be coming forward now with a proposition now to change the law so that the UK does not crash out of the UK on March 29 with no deal," the SNP leader told Mr Leonard during exchanges.

“I hope that he would support that proposition."

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The First Minister told the Scottish Labour leader it was important for opposition parties to "come together" to find a way forward.

"I say to him, I hope in a constructive spirit, and ask him if he can use his influence with Jeremy Corbyn to get Jeremy Corbyn firmly behind the option of a second EU referendum.

"If he would come off the fence then I think that option would become not just the best one, but the most likely next step.

"So will he, perhaps this afternoon get on the phone to Jeremy Corbyn and ask him at long last on the issue of Brexit to start showing some leadership.

Ms Sturgeon accused the Prime Minister of seeking to "bully" the House of Commons into accepting her Brexit deal which has already been rejected twice by MPs.

"She should accept defeat, change course and open her mind now to at the right way forward," she added.

Mr Tory deputy leader Jackson said businesses and industry across Scotland want to see the Prime Minister's deal passed.

"We have accepted the result of all referendums - the First Minister has accepted the result of none" he said.

"The blunt truth is the First Minister will only accept the result of any referendum if it goes her way.

"I back a deal that gives our fishing communities the sea of opportunity they want."

He added that many business organisations across Scotland are urging politicians to back the deal.

"Isn't time to respect the result, back and orderly Brexit and the whole country gets a chance to move on," Ms Sturgeon said.