Fife councillor urges Royal Mail to re-consider post box decision

A Methil councillor who is also the council spokesperson for Health and Social Care is claiming that Royal Mail's attitude to a local problem is unnaceptable.

Pic Ian Rutherford

Cllr David Graham has been acting on behalf of a constituent who lives in the new Steelworks Brae Development in Methil.

At present there is no post box in the development and due to the gradient which is required to get to the nearest one half a mile away, it is making life difficult for the elderly and disabled residents in the estate.

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The councillor commented: “I have contacted Royal Mail on a number of occasions now to ask for a box to be installed and they have continuously refused on the basis that the addresses are within half a mile of the nearest post box.

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“Now the distance may very well be within the half mile but I personally feel that having to have elderly and disabled people walking up a gradient of such a magnitude is unacceptable.”

A Royal Mail spokeswoman said: “There are two post boxes sited within 800 metres of the estate at Methil Brae & Kirkland Walk.

“The area is well served by these post boxes. Unfortunately many post boxes are now under-used by the public and many have very few items of mail within them on a daily basis, therefore we won’t be installing any further post boxes at the development.”

Cllr Graham commenting further on Royal Mail’s response said: “I have raised this issue with Royal Mail recently and explained to them about how steep the hill is on the entrance to the estate.

“My view is that these post boxes that Royal Mail mention are maybe underused due to them being in the wrong position.

“I would hope that Royal Mail reconsider their decision and consider the elderly and disabled people who live in our community”