Falkirk MPs reappointed to fight ‘most important’ election

Falkirk MP John McNally and Linlithgow and Falkirk East MP Martyn Day have been confirmed as the local SNP candidates for the next General Election.
Martyn Day MP.Martyn Day MP.
Martyn Day MP.

Mr McNally said; “Thank you to the SNP members in Falkirk for giving me the honour to stand again and thank you to the people of Falkirk for first electing me in 2015 and then re-electing me in 2017.”

Martyn Day, who has also represented his constituency since 2015, said: “The coming General Election will be the most important vote for generations to come.

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“It is a choice between remaining stuck in the isolated backwaters of Britain or moving forward into the mainstream of Europe.”

John McNally MP.John McNally MP.
John McNally MP.

He argues that Conservative policies have been responsible for cuts to public services, vital social security such as child and disability benefits, and “the catastrophic roll-out of Universal Credit”, among other claimed attacks on the welfare of society’s most vulnerable people.

Mr Day added: “A Prime Minister prepared to shut down the House of Commons will not hesitate to do the same to Scottish Parliament”.