Extinction Rebellion Scotland action planned across the nation

Extinction Rebellion stickers found on petrol pumps in England. Picture: Wigan TodayExtinction Rebellion stickers found on petrol pumps in England. Picture: Wigan Today
Extinction Rebellion stickers found on petrol pumps in England. Picture: Wigan Today
Stickers were attached to fuel pumps to raise awareness of the health effects of fossil fuels and local air pollution levels.

Activists from Extinction Rebellion (XR) Scotland have put up stickers at fuel stations across Scotland as the group launches a series of protests across the nation.

The Scottish action began on Thursday as part of a national campaign led by Doctors for Extinction Rebellion, which aims to raise awareness of health issues related to fossil fuels without causing disruption or provoking confrontation while also adhering to social distancing.

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Warning labels will appear on petrol pumps in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, and East Dunbartonshire as part of the co-ordinated protest.

The labels range from graphic pictures of lung disease, similar to images used on cigarette packets, to adaptations of the Government’s coronavirus messages and Lord Kitchener’s famous ‘Your Country Needs You’.


Today at midday, XR Dundee will head to Dundee Airport, to highlight what it calls “the absurdity of Dundee Council’s suggestion of expanding the airport as part of its green recovery plan.”

Scottish Parliament action

On Friday,The Scotsman revealed that politicians and staff at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh have been told that the climate protest group intends to “disrupt access” to legislatures across the UK on Tuesday.

In an email sent out to those based at Holyrood, management at the parliament said that they had been contacted by Police Scotland.

They said the force alerted the to “expect activity” outside the parliament as part of a nationwide, co-ordinated day of protests.

Dr Sian Ashby, local GP and Extinction Rebellion Scotland activist said:“We know that air pollution damages health throughout the life cycle: stunting the growth of babies in the womb; increasing rates of asthma in children; and causing lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes in adults.

"Climate change too has catastrophic health effects, with many people across the world already suffering the consequences of drought, flooding and extreme weather events. As health professionals, we have a duty to protect the lives of our patients.

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"The Scottish Government must urgently transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources.”

In January, members of the group Extinction Rebellion blocked the entrance to a petrol station in Glasgow while others from the organisation disrupted First Minister’s questions.

Extinction Rebellion Scotland says they are a non-violent “direct-action movement” formed to take urgent action in the face of climate emergency and ecological catastrophe.