EU referendum: Glasgow votes Remain by two to one

Glasgow voters backed Remain by a margin of two to one, but recorded a turnout of just 56.2 percent.

Scottish Government Minister for Transport and the Islands Humza Yousaf (right) shakes hands with the leader of Glasgow City Council, Frank McAveety after hearing the results in Glasgow. Picture: PA

The city recorded 66.59 percent in favour of staying in Europe, compared to 33.41 percent who backed a Brexit.

SNP’s Westminster leader Angus Robertson dismissed suggestions that the party had not done enough to encourage people to the polls.

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Defending the SNP against Labour criticisms, he told Sky News: “Turnout has historically always been lower in Glasgow relative to the rest of the country.”

He added: “66 per cent of the result (for Remain) is a pretty strong result and frankly to be lectured by the Labour Party which lost almost every single seat in Scotland, I don’t think they’re really qualified.

“It did come from a source in London who obviously knows nothing about the campaign on the ground here.”

He said “We worked very hard.

“Remain is winning in Scotland.”