English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson jailed

English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 13 months after being arrested outside Leeds Crown Court last week.
English Defence League founder Tommy RobinsonEnglish Defence League founder Tommy Robinson
English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was sentenced to ten months for contempt of court and a further three months for breaching the terms of a previous suspended sentence.

He was arrested on Friday for contempt of court after using social media to broadcast details of an ongoing trial, which is subject to blanket reporting restrictions.

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Reporting restrictions were also placed on details of Robinson’s sentence, but were lifted following a legal challenge today.

Following Robinson’s arrest, his supporters protested outside the gates of Downing Street.

Others took to social media where they were supported by right wing sympathisers in the US.

Members of the crowd at the rally coulc be seen holding aloft “#FreeTommy” signs or waving flags, including the St George’s Cross, the Union Jack and the Ukip logo.

At least one protester was seen carrying a ‘White Lives Matter’ placard. Footage of the demonstration showed some of those present involved in minor scuffles with police.

Robinson co-founded the English Defence League (EDL) in 2009 and has been arrested numerous times during demonstrations and at fights between football fans.

He was jailed for mortgage fraud in 2014.