Douglas Ross: Voters must ‘Knock SNP down to size' in council elections

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross has urged voters to back his party in next month’s council elections to cast their verdict on the SNP and “knock the Nats down to size”.

The Conservative insisted that Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP are “beatable” in the May’s local government elections.

With a month to go to polling day, he made a plea to voters to use the ballot to “get rid of SNP councillors who don’t deliver local action because they’re fixated on their nationalist obsession”.

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Stressing the importance of council elections, Mr Ross told people: “The election on May 5 will decide so much of what happens in your community. The future of your streets and your schools is at stake.

Douglas Ross

“When you’ve been frustrated by overflowing bins and potholes deep enough to stand in – this is your chance to change that.”

The Tory leader continued: “One month from today, across Scotland, you will have the opportunity to remove the SNP from power.

“The prize is there for the taking. The SNP is beatable.”

He added that, in the council by-elections that have taken place since last May’s Holyrood vote, the Tories had been “only a few hundred votes behind” the SNP in seats across Scotland.

Mr Ross told voters: “In councils across the country, this election is a two-horse race.

“We’ve got one month to beat the SNP so we can get all of the focus onto your local priorities. Help us knock the Nats down to size.

"On May 5, the power is in your hands.”