Donald Trump branded Alex Salmond a `has been'

Alex Salmond has described how Donald Trump once rang him up in the early hours of the morning to brand him a 'has been' and a 'nobody'.

Alex Salmond
Alex Salmond

In an interview on Good Morning Britain, the former SNP leader and ex-Gordon MP, revealed the depths to which his relationship with the US President sank before the entrepreneur made it to the Whitehouse.

The pair fell out when Mr Salmond was First Minister over a windfarm located off Mr Tump’s golf course at the Menie Estate in the North East of Scotland.

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Mr Trump lost attempts to have the renewable energy project halted on several occiasions.

On an appearance to publicise his Edinburgh fringe show, Mr Salmond said: “I had two years when I couldn’t say anything about him because he was suing the Scottish Government.

“Donald is one of those people who sees his development as the most important thing on earth. But anyone else’s development is an inconvenience...He went to court three times in order to delay it and lost three times.

“I probably didn’t help things by texting him, once, twice, three times a loser. I got one of these two am in the morning tirades about being a has been and a nobody – and that was before I lost my seat.”