David Cameron to scale back CBI dinner

A CBI dinner, which will see David Cameron speak in ­defence of the United Kingdom tonight, has been scaled back to comply with electoral law, it has emerged.
David Cameron. Picture: Scottish Chamber of CommerceDavid Cameron. Picture: Scottish Chamber of Commerce
David Cameron. Picture: Scottish Chamber of Commerce

The size of the event in Glasgow, which normally attracts about 800 guests, has had to be substantially reduced to ensure that the CBI does not spend more than £10,000 hosting it.

Organisations breaching the £10,000 threshold are required by law to register as official campaigners with the Electoral Commission during the run-up to the referendum. Last night the Electoral Commission said it believed the dinner “constituted campaigning” and had looked into the event, but was content that the CBI would not be spending more than £10,000. In his speech, Mr Cameron will tonight warn that independence risks throwing up “borders” with Scotland’s biggest market – the rest of the UK.

The Prime Minister will argue that Scotland does twice as much trade with the UK than the rest of the world.