David Cameron rejects Alex Salmond’s offer to be guest on RT show

Alex Salmond has suffered rejections from potential guests
Alex Salmond has suffered rejections from potential guests
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Former Prime Minister David Cameron has become the latest big name to reject an appearance on Alex Salmond's new talk show on Russia Today, it has emerged.

Both men are bitter rivals from the 2014 Scottish independence referendum campaign and Mr Salmond made the offer during a conversation last week, the Politics Home website has revealed. Scottish Conservative sources have also confirmed the story.

But the ex-SNP leader was rebuffed by Mr Cameron, who quit as Tory leader after the referendum campaign. Commons speaker John Bercow has also refused to appear on the show, which launches tomorrow, when he realised it was on Russia Today.

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It was confirmed yesterday that no Scottish Government ministers would be appearing on the show after Nicola Sturgeon hit out at Mr Salmond's decision to appear on Russia Today.

Mr Salmond is currently bidding to become chairman of Johnston Press, which owns the Scotsman. He has faced criticism over his decision to host the show on the Russian-state funded channel amid claims that it is a propaganda mouthpiece for Vladimir Putin's regime.

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A Conservative source told Politics Home: "It shows Salmond's total lack of self awareness.

"There's no way the former PM would do a Russia Today chat show with the nationalist leader, and Dave quite rightly told Alex to get stuffed."

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It was claimed that Mr Salmond has been refused by a number of Tories whom he has sked to appear on the show.