David Cameron attempts Scottish accent

THE Prime Minister attempted a Scottish accent at the Scottish Conservative Conference in Edinburgh today.

David Cameron told the story of an encounter in an Edinburgh chip shop. Picture: Youtube

David Cameron showed a lighter side during his speech at Murrayfield Stadium in which he made an impassioned plea to Scotland to vote to stay as part of the European Union.

Ascending the stage to applause, Cameron quipped: “Thank you everyone. It’s not everyday an Englishman gets such applause at Murrayfield.”

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The Conservative party leader recounted an anecdote of visiting friends in Edinburgh around 1990 and watching rugby at Murrayfield, telling delegates that England were “soundly beaten” by Scotland on the day.

He further recalled a visit to a chip shop on his way back into town after the match.

The Prime Minister then attempted to impersonate the chip shop worker with decidedly mixed results, saying: “What will it be lads? Humble pie?”