Darling: World is waiting on currency answers

ALISTAIR DARLING Darling yesterday said the world urgently needed to know Scotland was heading for a “decisive” No vote to halt the risk caused by confusion on the currency.
Alistair Darling. Picture: Lisa FergusonAlistair Darling. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Alistair Darling. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

The Better Together leader said it beggared belief that the SNP could not answer “basic questions” on the currency, despite having been in existence for 80 years.

Making a speech to supporters in Coatbridge, Mr Darling criticised Alex Salmond’s stance that an independent Scotland should enter currency union with the rest of the UK – a policy ruled out by the main UK parties.

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He said: “Salmond’s only answer is to say he knows what would be best for the country he had just walked out on. It is a position as absurd as it is arrogant.

“[He has] blamed the uncertainty on those of us asking him questions he can’t or won’t answer. Calling a halt to this descent into risk and uncertainty is not only necessary, it is now extremely urgent and the sooner it becomes clear not just to Scotland but to the world that we are heading for a decisive No vote, the better.”

The former Labour chancellor added: “The certainty is that the currency chaos he would inflict would lead to more cuts and greater poverty. Let’s be clear – currency chaos hits the poor harder than anyone.”