Councillors reject plan for additional green belt houses

A decision to deny planning permission for two houses to be added to a housing development on former farmland near Kilsyth has been upheld.

The proposed site of the two additional houses at Woodend Farm as shown in the planning documents

North Lanarkshire Council’s local review body met to discuss plans for the semi-detached homes to be built at Woodend Farm on Dullatur Road between Westerwood and Kilsyth.

The original decision, made in May this year, concluded that the application was not an acceptable use of green belt land or warranted approval under any special circumstances. The buildings were not considered to be essential for rural use and it was felt that approval would create an undesirable precedent for similar proposals.

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In August, Keppie Design applied for a planning hearing on behalf of Woodend Development Horizon.

They denied that the site was greenbelt as it was in addition to a 10-house development with planning permission, that approval would not set an undesirable precedent and that it would be a logical finish to the existing development at Woodend Farm.

Councillor Allan Stubbs warned that if the land was not developed it could become a “dumping ground” for illegal fly-tippers.

He also said he did not believe the site should still be considered greenbelt as it was not a green space suited for walking and similar activities. 

He was seconded by Kilsyth councillor Heather McVey, but councillors voted 12-9 to uphold the previous refusal.