More pennies – or pounds – needed for the Guy if Falkirk fireworks are to break even

Despite 35,000 people attending last year’s firework display in Callendar Park, just £4000 was donated by members of the public.

Falkirk Community Trust boss Neil Brown told councillors: “If everyone who attended the fireworks donated just £1, we would break even.”

He gave the information in response to a question from Councillor David Grant who asked if the Trust was “on the ball” with the buckets.

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Mr Brown replied: “We’re on the ball but the spectators don’t seem to be on the same ball.”

Councillor Grant asked the question at Falkirk Counci’s external scrutiny committee which looks at how other agencies spend the council’s money.

Mr Brown said: “We can hold buckets but we’re not allowed to shake them.

“The number of volunteers we get is impressive and I thank them for what they do but there is an expectation that the community shouldn’t have to pay.”

He hoped that this year more people would also donate by texting, saying this year they were asking for £5.

He said: “This is excellent value for what is one of the safest events in the country.”

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong, giving his last report to the scrutiny committee, agreed it was “a great event” which he fully supported.

“I’m stunned at the number of people who come along  – it’s a great, very safe event.

“We only had two calls last year about youths setting off fireworks that evening.”

To donate £5 to the appeal text FIREWORKS to 70085.