Licence granted despite noise complaints about the Parsonage in Dunmore

Hotel owner Steven McLeod breathed a sigh of relief when he was granted a licence to sell 
alcohol at two weddings that are just days away.

After “a flurry” of complaints 
received about noise from the Parsonage in Dunmore, the hotelier found himself in front of Falkirk licensing board on Wednesday – hoping they would grant an occasional licence for a wedding tomorrow.

He agreed he had “taken his eye off the ball” and promised the licensing board he would take urgent steps to sort things.

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The complaints about the luxury venue all came from residents of Dunmore village in August, but Mr McLeod said he could not explain why this would be the case.

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His lawyer Andrew Thomson told the members of the board that Mr McLeod had been involved in a “high court action with some shareholders and he’s had to do a significant amount of restructuring of his business”.

He said Mr McLeod now intended to refurbish his remaining hotels, Airth Castle and Glenbervie, while he also had big plans for the Parsonage, including replacing the two marquees with a “custom-made ballroom”. 

Mr McLeod apologised to the board that he had not been able to meet environmental health officers and said he would do so as soon as possible. He promised to get a sound engineer to look at the noise limiter that had previously been fitted and make sure there were no problems.

He also pledged to do “everything in his power to rectify the situation” and told the board: “I’m not perfect. I’m here to get this sorted – I don’t want to fall our with my neighbours in Dunmore. I have got a successful business and I want to keep it that way.”

Convener Niall Coleman told Mr McLeod that the board would agree to grant the licences on condition that Mr McLeod promised to check the condition of the noise limiter and ensure his staff are all trained to be aware of the situation and make sure the doors are kept closed at all times.

Mr McLeod also assured the board there would be no fireworks and promised to improve lighting on the public road entrance as a matter of urgency.