Cineworld to screen new Robert the Bruce film after social media campaign

Angus Macfadyen in Robert the Bruce
Angus Macfadyen in Robert the Bruce
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The actor who plays Robert the Bruce in a new biopic has hailed a 'victory that reminded him of Bannockburn' after a u-turn by Cineworld on showing the film.

Angus Macfadyen, who is reprising his role from Braveheart in 'Robert the Bruce', sparked an outcry on social media when it was revealed that the chain, which is the largest in the UK, would not be screening the film at any of its venues in the UK.

Several prominent politicians, including former First Minister Alex Salmond, urged the cinema to 'think again' as thousands signed a petition protesting the decision, which some claimed was censorship.

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Glasgow North West MP Carol Monaghan tweeted Cineworld on Friday evening to demand answers as to why they are not showing the film, which was mainly filmed in Montana, in the United States.

Mr Macfadyen has spent the weekend fervently tweeting about the film, accusing one Twitter user who didn't enjoy the production of being a Government agent, and claiming that the ghostly spirit of Robert the Bruce had inspired the inauguration address of American President Franklin Delano Roosvelt, which was given 600 years after the legendary king died.

It might not have appeared effective, but the campaign does appear to have prompted a u-turn, with showings in five venues now appearing on the Cineworld website for the rest of the week.

Dundee, Falkirk, Edinburgh and Glasgow will all now carry the film, as will Aberdeen, which sparked the original controversy when a Twitter user posted an account of a conversation he had about the film with the branch's manager.

A pro-independence Twitter account wrote: "Delighted to report the online social media campaign has worked Cineworld will now show the Robert the Bruce film in 5 of its cinemas. Announcment will be made by Cineworld in the coming days. Well done all who helped make it happen."

Angus Macfadyen tweeted in response: "Thank you everyone. A well orchestrated campaign which reminded me of Bannockburn."

He added: "Thank you to Scots who cared enough to make this happen."