Charles Kennedy: Tories, SNP putting unity at risk

FORMER Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has slammed the Tories and SNP for “reopening” the independence campaign as he hit the election trail today.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy campaigns with Jo Swinson in East Dunbartonshire. Picture: Getty

He joined the party’s UK business minister Jo Swinson in East Dunbartonshire and pledged that the Lib Dems would not put the unity of the UK at risk.

It comes as the Tory strategy in England focuses on fuelling fears over the SNP holding the balance of power, with Home Secretary Theresa May warning at the weekend it could be the worst constitutional crisis since the abdication.

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Mr Kennedy, who faces a fight to hold in Ross, Skye and Lochaber, launched a series of Lib Dem campaign initiatives to highlight the eleven seats where Scots can vote for the party with “maximum effect.”

“Just months after a clear referendum decision to keep the UK together it is alarming that two parties seem to be doing their best to reopen the issue,” Mr Kennedy said.

“The SNP have gone back on their commitment that there would not be another referendum for a lifetime. And the Conservatives are sowing division by stoking up English nationalism.

“The Liberal Democrats will not out our unity at risk so in each of the eleven Scottish Liberal Democrat seats it is a straight choice.”

The party is hoping that Labour and Tory supporters willvote tactically to back the Lib Dems in the Scottish seats it hopes to retain.

“It is a choice between the Liberal Democrats, who will grow the economy and invest in the NHS, or the SNP who want a second referendum and ramp up the debt,” Mr Kennedy added.

“The Liberal Democrats are best placed to stop the SNP.

“Any other vote will let the SNP in across Scotland and put the economic recovery and unity at risk.

“Liberal Democrats are going to spend the eleven days in the eleven seats campaigning hard for every vote.”