Cameron sets out answer to votes issue

DAVID Cameron is set to strip Scottish MPs of their powers to vote on English issues at Westminster if he wins the next UK General Election.

After launching his party's Holyrood election campaign yesterday, the Tory leader made clear that the West Lothian Question had to be answered.

And he warned Gordon Brown that if the Government failed to do so, his legitimacy and credibility as Prime Minister would be questioned.

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Mr Cameron said that the problem of Labour using Scottish MPs to force legislation through the House of Commons affecting only English issues which were dealt with by MSPs at Holyrood in their own constituencies had to be addressed.

And he said that if he becomes Prime Minister in London he will act to remove Scots MPs' powers over exclusively English legislation.

He spoke out as former Chancellor Ken Clarke prepared to publish his taskforce report on improving democracy in the UK.

Mr Cameron said: "In part, what we need is to correct one of the remaining issues of devolution which is the fact that in those issues which are devolved, such as health and education, Scottish MPs can actually have the decisive say at Westminster.

"We want to find a way of dealing with the West Lothian Question."