'˜Brexit's promises have fallen through so People's Vote must be held'

The Prime Minister has dedicated two years to trying to unify her Cabinet, her party and the Commons over Brexit. But the reality is that's just not possible, writes Willie Rennie, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Willie Rennie MSP (PIc: Jane Barlow)
Willie Rennie MSP (PIc: Jane Barlow)

Do we sit by as Rees-Mogg’s band of Brexit followers try to force us out of Europe with no deal? No. This is the time to rally for a People’s Vote.

When Parliament is so divided it’s time to return it to the people. Growing numbers of people support the move to a People’s Vote. People are signing up every day.

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This deal satisfies no one, regardless of whether they voted leave or remain. Brexit will hurt the pockets of ordinary people, take an axe to the value of the pound, weaken our economy and leave us cut off and looking closed-minded.

Ruth Davidson’s Conservatives have proved dreadful representatives and have watched on as this happens.

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Nicola Sturgeon seems not to have learned the lesson of Brexit that breaking up is hard to do. If it’s hard for a Union of only 40 years old just wait until you try independence from a 300-year-old union.

This has been a sorry spectacle. But the way things are progressing is downright dangerous. The Prime Minister says she wants to honour the will of the people, well I question what she thinks is so wrong with checking on the will of the people now.

You can’t deliver what was promised. It is impossible. The state of the country is far more important than the state of your party.

Take this back to the people.

Willie Rennie is MSP for North East Fife