'˜Brexit will create hard Irish border'

A post-Brexit hard border would be a 'disaster' for Ireland, former Irish minister for foreign affairs Dermot Ahern has warned.

A former Irish minister has said a post-Brexit hard border would be a Picture: John Devlin

Mr Ahern has said he believes that “one way or another” there is going to be a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

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“There will be a hard border of some sort and there will have to be checks, particularly on the southern side. That would be a disaster for us,” he said. Mr Ahern added: “Whoever decided to put that referendum before the people in Britain didn’t think out the implications for Ireland, both north and south.

“I think our government are in a difficult position. Obviously they have to try and ameliorate the situation for our people. One way or the other, I think it is particularly bad news for border areas.” Garda commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan has moved to reassure the public that Irish police will maintain their close working relationship with officers in Northern Ireland and the UK security services.