Brexit: Theresa May is trying to run down the clock '“ Willie Rennie

The People's Vote might now be the only way to resolve the impasse over Brexit in the House of Commons, writes Willie Rennie MSP, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Theresa May needs to realise her proposed Brexit deal is not going to be approved by MPs (Picture: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

The divisions in the Conservative Party are so deep that it is increasingly unlikely to see a coming together. The Labour Party is using Brexit to try to win power and will do anything but set out a clear position. And the SNP, finally on board for a People’s Vote, are using Brexit to try win independence.

These diametrically opposed factions will be unable to agree so it will have to be the people that have the final say.

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What was interesting about the Prime Minister’s comments this week was that she was setting out her opposition to a People’s Vote at all.

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Defiant Theresa May dares Labour to try topple government

It shows just how close our campaign has got us. If a People’s Vote wasn’t a realistic threat to her plan, she wouldn’t waste her breath opposing it.

But then, the Prime Minister was adamant she wouldn’t call a general election, then did. Just like she was adamant that nothing had changed with the dementia tax, before it was scrapped.

It’s outrageous that this Government thinks it can get away with pushing this down the road to mid-January. Keeping MPs in the dark while they run down the clock on the time left to debate it is irresponsible. They can’t escape the reality that Parliament will vote this down whenever it arrives.

Politicians across the political spectrum are rightfully embarrassed about the state of the Government today.

The last few weeks have been chaos and the campaign for a People’s Vote is the only clear path forward. If Theresa May is confident that her deal will be good for the economy and people’s prospects then she shouldn’t be scared to put it out there for the confirmation that they agree.

She says she doesn’t want to break faith with the British people. I think she’s testing people’s faith already. Jobs are being scrapped at the worst possible time of year. Our money is worth less and so are our houses. Our public services are being drained of skills and organisations are stock-piling supplies like we’re off to war.

It’s clear the Conservatives can’t control this. They’ve followed this dangerous path to smooth over the divisions in their own ranks and ended up imploding. Liberal Democrats demand better. Stop putting it off, Prime Minister. Call a People’s Vote now.