Brexit: Scottish Green Party formally back People's Vote campaign

Scottish Green Party members have backed the campaign for a People's Vote on any Brexit deal before the UK leaves the EU.
Patrick Harvie, co-convener of the Scottish Green Party. Picture: John DevlinPatrick Harvie, co-convener of the Scottish Green Party. Picture: John Devlin
Patrick Harvie, co-convener of the Scottish Green Party. Picture: John Devlin

Members at the party’s autumn conference in Glasgow voted in favour of a motion supported by co-conveners Patrick Harvie and Maggie Chapman.

The policy of a People’s Vote is already held by the Green Party in England and Wales.

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Mr Harvie said: “The events of the next few weeks and months will pose a critical threat not only to the immediate prospects for our country and for our neighbours, but also to the future of our democracy and Scotland’s Parliament.

Scottish Green Party members have said unequivocally that voters in the UK must have the final say on any Brexit deal or no deal.

“We can now look forward to campaigning with our Green colleagues throughout the rest of the UK for a People’s Vote.”

The MSP described the Brexit process as “incompetent chaos” and a “direct assault on the authority of our Parliament”.

He said the Scottish Greens remain committed to Scotland’s future as an independent country which is a full member of Europe.

He added: “The extreme Brexiteers are already flirting with the sociopaths of the US libertarian right, the same outfits which have been a force for ill from climate denial to union-busting.

“That’s the agenda these people want to impose on us - one in which the social, environmental and workplace rights and protections which were fought for by generations before us are torn to pieces in the pursuit of an already failed economic system.”

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The conference also heard from Green member of the Irish senate, Grace O’Sullivan, who warned of concern in Ireland that the UK is “three seconds from midnight” in the Brexit negotiations but appears to have no resolutions to key problems.

She said: “Brexit is something that we discuss every day in Dublin, every day in Ireland, in fact it’s on everyone’s mind.

“A guillotine blade hanging ominously over the political, economic and social progress that has defined the island of Ireland since the Good Friday Agreement came into effect.”

She said there is cross-party agreement in Ireland to look to the EU and the UK to “protect the peaceful and borderless island we have worked so hard to create”.