Brexit deal reaction: '˜EU took 40 minutes to endorse plan..that's how bad it is'

The heads of the 27 other EU governments took just 38 minutes to sign off the UK's Brexit deal, paving the way for a crucial Commons vote likely to be in three weeks' time.

British and European leaders warned that there is “no plan B”. But on Twitter, many politicians and social commentators were less than enthused with the new deal.

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Brexit: British and EU leaders warn '˜there is no plan B'

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Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell: “The Prime Minister made clear earlier today, the UK will be an independent coastal state once again, in full sovereign control of our waters, able to decide for ourselves who we allow to fish in them, with that access not tied to any other aspect of our economic partnership.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon: “Existing reciprocal access and quota shares is most certainly NOT what the Scottish fishing industry was promised by the Tories.”

Scottish satirist, writer, director Armando Iannucci: “This week the man who negotiated the Brexit deal resigned because of the deal he negotiated, while the woman who wants to go beyond parliament and appeal to the people refuses to let the people vote on it since that’s a matter for parliament. Pair of clods.”

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg: “PM reheats the v controversial notion of Brexit dividend giving extra cash to the NHS – she knows very well govts own economic forecasts suggest economy will be smaller and grow more slowly than if we were staying EU.”

Piers Morgan and Nicola Sturgeon were one of many to criticise May's deal. Pictures: iDominick/CreativeCommons/PA

Leader of the Scottish Lib Dems Willie Rennie: “Now we know the deal that the PM thinks is good enough, now is the time for the people to decide whether it actually is good enough. This is too important to leave to a bitter, divided Conservative Party.”

Journalist Piers Morgan: “BREAKING: The 27 European Union leaders just took under 40 minutes to officially endorse Theresa May’s Brexit plan. That’s how bad it is for Britain.”

Sarah Wollaston MP: “Deeply shocking that the PM drags out the old NHS funding deception in her letter. There is NO financial bonanza linked to Brexit only a massive penalty for the NHS, research, public health & social care.”

Nigel Farage: “Theresa May’s agreement is the worst deal in history.”

Labour MP Mike Gapes: “This is a very bad day for the future prosperity, stability and influence of the United Kingdom. Why is the Labour leadership not saying this? Why are Shadow Ministers saying Brexit is going to happen? There is no ‘Better Brexit’. No ‘Jobs First Brexit’. No ‘Socialist Brexit’.”

Channel 4 news anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy: “Between now and the Commons vote Theresa May should debate Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon in at least one Deal v No Deal v No Brexit debate – I’m sure C4 and any of the main channels would clear their schedules.”