Brexit '˜could lead to second indyref', warns David Cameron

DAVID Cameron has warned that a vote to leave the EU could lead to a second independence referendum

David Cameron has warned that leaving the EU could result in a second independence referendum. Picture: Getty Images

The Prime Minister has previously insisted that the issue of Scottish independence was “settled for a generation” in 2014, but told MPs it was a risk if voters choose Brexit on June 23.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, he warned: “If you love your country, you don’t want to act in a way that could lead to its breakup.”

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Mr Cameron also raised the possibility of a second independence referendum during a live television Q&A last night, telling a studio audience he was “worried” about Brexit leading to the break-up of the UK.

However, the Prime Minister has the power to block any bid for a second referendum, and following PMQs a Downing Street spokesperson refused to rule out doing so.

“That’s a hypothetical question,” the source said when asked if Mr Cameron’s stance on allowing a second referendum would change in the event of Brexit.