Boris Johnson branded ‘lame duck’ but vows to 'get on with the job' amid no-confidence fallout

Boris Johnson vowed to “get on with the job” as the fallout over his narrow win the no-confidence vote continues.

The Prime Minister was cheered on arriving in the Commons on Wednesday despite 148 of his own MPs saying they had no confidence in him.

In a PMQs that saw Ian Blackford brand Mr Johnson a “lame duck”, the Prime Minister insisted “nothing” would stop him or his Government.

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He was first confronted by Labour former minister Dame Angela Eagle, who said the “week’s events have demonstrated just how loathed this Prime Minister is and that’s only in his own party.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of CommonsPrime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons
Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons

She added: “As his administration is too distracted by its internal divisions to deal with the challenges we face, can the Prime Minister explain if 148 of his own backbenchers don’t trust him why on earth should the country?”

Mr Johnson replied: “I can assure her in a long political career so far – barely begun – I’ve of course picked up political opponents all over and that is because this Government has done some very big and very remarkable things which they didn’t necessarily approve of.

“And what I want her to know is that absolutely nothing and no-one, least of all her, is going to stop us with getting on delivering for the British people.”

Later Sir Keir Starmer accused Mr Johnson of being “utterly unable” to improve the NHS, warning: “24 Hours in A&E used to be a TV programme, now it’s his policy.”

The Labour leader focused his attacks on issues with health service rather than Tory infighting, prompting the Prime Minister to joke: “This line of attack is not working.”

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Concluding his exchanges with the Labour leader, he said: “As for jobs, I’m going to get on with mine and I hope he gets on with his.”

Wednesday also saw the SNP Westminster leader label the Prime Minister a “lame duck”, and ask how he can continue when unionists in Scotland don’t back him.

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Mr Blackford said: “Week after week I’ve called on this Prime Minister to resign. I’ve been met with a wall of noise from the Tory benches.

"I thought they were trying to shout me down… when all this time it turns out that 41 per cent of them have been cheering me on.

“Let’s be clear, at least the numbers don’t lie. 41 per cent of his own MPs have no confidence in him. 66 per cent of MPs across the House don’t support him, and 97 per cent of Scottish MPs want the minister for the union shown the door.

“We now have a lame duck Prime Minister presiding over a divided party in a disunited kingdom. How does the Prime Minister expect to continue when even unionist leaders in Scotland won’t back him?”

The Prime Minister thanked Mr Blackford for his “characteristic warm words”, adding: “The biggest and most powerful and effective advocate of the United Kingdom over the time that I’ve been in has been that man there.”

“I don’t know how long he’s going to last here as leader of the SNP, long may he rest in place. He is the Araldite (glue) that’s keeping our kingdom together.”



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