BBC stars allowed to defend their salaries on social media

BBC star presenters who earn more than £150,000 a year will be allowed by the corporation to defend their salaries on social media if they so wish.

Broadcasting House in London. Details of what BBC stars earn will be published on Wednesday. Picture: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

A list of employees who earn more than the benchmark figure will be published on Wednesday as part of an agreement with the UK Government.

The broadcaster is bracing itself for a backlash from those who believe some stars are overpaid, as well as facing criticism over a likely pay gap between male and female presenters.

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The latest BBC annual report noted there were 109 TV and radio presenters earning more than £150,000, approximately the salary of the prime minister.

Staff set to be named have been warned by the coroporation in advance and have been offered support over how to handle questions from the public, The Guardian reported.

Some BBC star names such as Gary Linekar are hugely popular on social media platforms like Twitter and already engage in conversation with fans and critics.

The publication of the list will be followed by a vigorous defence of the BBC’s top-level pay from senior corporation figures, led by director general Tony Hall.