Analysis: Dominic Cummings continues the revenge tour with no end

He’s at it again. For a man who feels nothing, but contempt for journalists and Westminster, Dominic Cummings sure loves talking about them.

Taking his job loss well, the Prime Minister’s former chief adviser has written more blogs since being ousted than a Doctor Who fan who’s heard a casting rumour.

But to what end? The Conservatives have been in power for a decade, continue to soar in the polls and frankly look untouchable.

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Boris Johnson can overlook rule breaks by his colleagues, cut aid to the world’s poorest and be accused of saying “let the bodies pile high”, but still be the most popular UK-wide politician.

Dominic Cummings has continued to attack the Prime Minister and UK GovernmentDominic Cummings has continued to attack the Prime Minister and UK Government
Dominic Cummings has continued to attack the Prime Minister and UK Government

If politics is a game, the Prime Minister is enjoying a cheat code that overpowers jokes and reduces any consequences for your actions.

Enter Mr Cummings, again, a man who once encouraged the proroguing of Parliament and breached Covid restrictions, but now is enjoying a renaissance as the moral heartbeat of the true resistance.

With the passion of a lover spurned, the brains behind Vote Leave has caused a constant stir in Westminster with his incessant tweets, blogs and accusations – all of which have so far resulted in the grand total of absolutely nothing.

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Matt Hancock, a particular target of his, finally resigned, but even that was more about office romance than the quality of his actual work.

Mr Cummings has claimed Mr Johnson was unfit for office, the Prime Minister dismissed an autumn lockdown as those dying were “all over 80” and had to be talked out of seeing the Queen.

This is in addition to the Cabinet secretary suggesting chicken pox parties for Covid, that there was no plan, and then that herd immunity was the plan.

Pushed to produce messages or proof that really nail down the UK Government on the issue, Mr Cummings has missed deadlines or simply failed to land an actual knockout blow.

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Downing Street remains in such a confident mood over the allegations, they don’t even respond to requests for comment on them, stressing a focus on the pandemic and bulk of claims from Mr Cummings.

Mr Cummings contributions are significant, but unless he produces the goods soon, even Westminster could stop listening.

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