Analysis: Dominic Cummings bravely calls out UK Government now it’s too late to change anything

Dominic Cummings confirmed what many already suspected about the UK Government in an electric and ultimately depressing committee hearing.

Nobody was safe from lockdown’s most infamous breacher, as he took down everyone, including Boris Johson, Matt Hancock, Carrie Symonds, and even Dilyn the dog.

Any concerns the Vote Leave organiser had spilled his best stuff on Twitter were dispensed with early, as he shared stories so preposterous they’d have been dismissed as too absurd by Albert Camus, let alone the writers of The Thick of It.

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Firstly, that the Prime Minister was so confident coronavirus was like the “swine flu” he suggested having Chris Whitty inject him with it live on television.

Former number 10 special advisor Dominic Cummings waits for a taxi as he leaves Parliament after giving evidence to a Parliamentary committee hearing. Picture: Justin Tallis/AFP via Getty Images

Other revelations moved on from simply saying herd immunity was government policy, instead saying the former head of the Civil Service Mark Sedwill had actually suggested telling people to hold old-fashioned "chicken pox parties" to generate it.

This was a hearing to watch with an open mouth, with each accusation more damning than the last.

The man most damaged by the hearing will be UK health secretary, who Mr Cummings labelled a “liar” who he tried to get sacked “almost every week, sometimes almost every day”. It is telling that Mr Hancock survived.

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Dominic Cummings bravely spilled the dirt today now it is too late to change anything.

Mr Cummings also told MPs he thought his old boss was “unfit for the job”. Having helped him secure a massive majority then kept quiet as his premiership oversaw 128,000 deaths, the ardent Brexiteer’s honesty is too little, too late.

The same goes for his claims he wanted to resign, that the Prime Minister did say about letting the “bodies pile high”, or that the government sent people with coronavirus back into care homes.

It’s one thing to blow the whistle as the crisis is unfolding and you can help turn the tide, it’s another entirely to do so only after you’ve been ousted out with nothing, but a cardboard box, blog and Twitter account to remind you of what you were.

Ultimately much of his evidence had previously been reported or claimed. Despite the revelations, the Tories still remain miles ahead in every UK poll.

Mr Cummings revenge tour has begun, but whether he’ll still be headlining at next year's inquiry remains to be seen.

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