Alex Salmond to set out Alba Party’s ‘route to independence’

Alex Salmond will set out his new party’s “route to independence” on Tuesday, the former first minister has said.

Alex Salmond in Strichen
Alex Salmond in Strichen

In an address scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, the Alba Party leader will make what he called the “declaration for Scotland”, on the anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath.

Mr Salmond said on Monday that momentum was with the Alba Party, which claimed on Friday to have signed up more members than the Scottish Lib Dems in the seven days from its launch.

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Mr Salmond said: “Tomorrow, on the anniversary of the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath I will set out Alba’s Declaration for Scotland and the clear route to independence – a strategy for immediate action by the Scots Parliament following the achievement of an independence supermajority.

“The momentum in this election is with Alba as people warm to our message that only a list vote for Alba can deliver the independence supermajority that will deliver independence for Scotland.

“Last week we unveiled our fantastic team of 32 candidates, surpassed the Scottish Liberal Democrats in membership and, if the polls are correct, look set to see MSPs elected in every region of Scotland.

“As our message cuts through, that only a list vote for Alba will deliver the independence supermajority to drive Scotland towards independence, so we will see more and more people rally to our cause.”

The party held its policy conference on Saturday, where candidates decided on proposals for the campaign and Mr Salmond’s address could lay out policy positions which branch away from its core mission of Scottish independence.

Mr Salmond repeatedly refused to answer questions on Alba’s policies on an independent Scotland’s relationship with the European Union, preferring to wait until the policies had been finalised by candidates.

Meanwhile, a poll for the Sunday Times suggested it could take as many as six seats in May’s election.

Just the second poll to include Alba since its launch, the Panelbase study showed a slim outright majority for the SNP and up to 79 pro-independence MSPs taking seats in the Scottish Parliament, with Alba receiving 6 per cent of the regional vote and overtaking the Lib Dems.