Alex Salmond: Scottish MPs unsure whether to launch ‘lifeboat of independence’

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Alex Salmond has waded into the debate on IndyRef2 by suggesting that Scottish MPs seem “unsure” on whether to call a second vote on independence in the wake of Brexit.

The former SNP leader claimed the only party at Westminster which seemed certain of its objectives following a chaotic fortnight in the Commons, which saw Theresa May postpone a vote on her Brexit plan and fight off a vote of no confidence, was the DUP.

Alex Salmond was speaking on his RT chat show

Alex Salmond was speaking on his RT chat show

In the latest episode of his chat show on the Kremlin-backed RT channel, Mr Salmond was scathing of both Mrs May and Jeremy Corbyn’s performance in recent weeks as the UK begins preparations for a No Deal Brexit. But he also reserved time for a thinly-veiled critique of the 35 SNP MPs at Westminster.

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In conclusion to a maritime-themed analogy, in which he described Mrs May as “a barnacle clinging desperately to the hull”, Mr Salmond said: “Even the Scottish contingent seems unsure as to when, or even whether, to launch our Caledonian lifeboat and chart our own course for the continent.”

“In fact, the only parliamentmentary group which appears secure and determined in their objectives are the Democratic Unionists.

Speaking in the show’s closing monologe, Mr Salmond added: “Parliament should now take advantage of the Scottish ruling from the European Court of Justice and instruct the Government to revoke Article 50. This would allow the time and space for either a general election or a renewed referendum, or even just a rationale discussion to break the deadlock and chart a way forward, free from the looming cliff edge. As we say in Scotland - that would make for a guid new year.”

An SNP spokesman said: “The fact of the matter is this – an alternative must be found to the PM’s false choice of a bad deal which lacks support, or a bad deal which would spell disaster for jobs and living standards.

“The SNP is the only party showing true leadership by knocking heads together and making the case for a better way forward.

“Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in Europe. If we have the chance to do so through another EU referendum we should grasp that opportunity.

“But there is no doubt whatsoever that the utter chaos of Brexit from the Tory party has strengthened the case for Scotland taking its future into its own hands through independence. We cannot go on like this with Scotland’s interests ignored at every turn.”

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