Alex Salmond says plotters trying '˜to remove him as political threat'

Alex Salmond has been accused of spreading 'conspiracy theories' after speculating that those who see him as a political threat were behind allegations of sexual misconduct following a court victory this week.

The former First Minister used a message to supporters on his online fundraising page to suggest that he was “close to finding out” who leaked details of the complaints to the Daily Record newspaper.

He also appeared to suggest a conspiracy was behind the complaints to remove him as a political threat.

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‘No data breach’ concerning Salmond case
Alex Salmond. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire


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Mr Salmond won a legal victory over the Scottish Government this week after a judge found civil servants had botched the handling of an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment, which he denies.

The Court of Session made no ruling on the veracity of the complaints, which are still being investigated by police, when it found that the Scottish Government had acted ‘unlawfully’.

In a post on the crowdfunding platofrm where he raised money to help fund his legal fees, Mr Salmond wrote: “I have been in public life in Scotland for 30 years. Over that entire time I have had an unblemished record in terms of personal conduct, despite being perhaps the most investigated politician on these islands.

“Some people are clearly very anxious to remove me now as a political threat, which is why this is probably not over.


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“The Daily Record boasted of a ‘tip-off’ about me in October 2017. The question is from who? Perhaps we are now getting very close to finding out.”

He also confirmed that money left over in the fund after expenses would be donated to good causes.

A Conservative spokesman said: “Everyone should afford Mr Salmond the presumption of innocence in this matter.

“But, in return, Mr Salmond should surely show some respect for the inquiries that are ongoing rather than spreading conspiracy theories and turning this matter into a political pantomime.”