Alex Salmond says his wife was a Tory before he kissed her

Alex Salmond with wife Moira.Alex Salmond with wife Moira.
Alex Salmond with wife Moira.
Alex Salmond has said that the first time he kissed his wife Moira she was a Tory supporter in a rare public comment from the former First Minister about his relationship.

However. Mr Salmond said that his wife had now “swept past me” him by being more politically intelligent then him and was no longer a Tory.

The former SNP leader made the remarks about Mrs Salmond’s former political persuasion, as he hosted his talkshow on the broadcaster LBC.

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Mr Salmond was asked via a message texted to the show about whether he had ever kissed anyone who supported a different political party to the SNP.

He said: “I shouldn’t really talk about my lady wife’s politics and she has now swept past me, but the first time I kissed Moira I think that she was a Conservative.”

Mr Salmond added that he had kissed women of a “variety of political persuasions”.