Alex Salmond says blocking indyref will backfire spectacularly

Alex Salmond has accused Theresa May of 'finger wagging at Scotland' and warned her efforts to block a second independence referendum would 'backfire spectacularly'.

Alex Salmond
Alex Salmond

The former First Minister said Mrs May would “rue the day” that she began to telling Scots how to express their nationhood.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Salmond said that Scotland “as a nation” has the right to determine its own future.

“There are many people who may have questions about Scottish independence, but ask them the fundamental question: does Scotland have the right to decide? Of course the answer is ‘yes’, because anything else undermines Scottish nationhood,” Mr Salmond said.

“And no self-respecting Scot will take a Westminster Prime Minister doing that. This miscalculation - this finger wagging at Scotland - this Theresa May laying down the law - thou shalt do this - thou shan’t do that. It’s not going to work. It’s going to backfire spectacularly and I think Theresa May will rue the day when she edged towards telling the Scottish people what they can and can’t do in expressing their nationhood.”