Police warning about letters from con artist

POLICE today issued a warning over a new scam which has seen vulnerable people in Edinburgh targeted by criminals trying to dupe them into believing they can claim a multi-million pound fortune from China.

The scam was brought to light after a letter from the con artists was handed in to police.

The letter stated that he is the possible beneficiary of a wealthy estate as a result of a 'relative' dying in a motor accident in China.

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The letter goes on to state that this 'relative' may not actually be related to the recipient, but the con man – who claims to be an asset manager for a bank in China – says that he will use his expertise to make the intended victim the "legal beneficiary" of the estate.

It goes on to claim that he will assist the victim in exchange for a half share of the proceeds of the estate but, because he is doing so without the knowledge of his employer, any contact must be kept confidential.

The typed and unsigned letter was sent second class via Royal Mail, and the envelope was postmarked 'London South'.

A police spokesman said: "Anyone who receives such a letter should under no circumstances reply, and should report the matter to police immediately."