Police staff to pick up £34k bonus

POLICE officers and support staff are set to receive more than £34,000 in bonuses over their involvement in particularly "demanding" duties.

The payments are set to be made under the Force Bonus Scheme, which was established in November 2003, with the recipients of the cash awards decided by Chief Constable David Strang.

The bonuses, which range between 50 and 500, are made to officers and civilian workers for "occasional work of an outstandingly demanding, unpleasant or important nature".

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In 2008, the board approved the structure for Mr Strang's self-assessment bonus scheme, which offers payments of between five and ten per cent of his annual salary of more than 130,000.

Mr Strang rated himself against targets such as moving the force from "reactive" to "preventative" policing to decide the extent of the bonus.