Police set to call off search for Suzy Lamplugh's body

A POLICE search of a meadow where the body of murdered estate agent Suzy Lamplugh was thought to have been buried was set to be called off last night.

A mechanical digger was used to create several shallow trenches in the field between the villages of Pershore and Drakes Broughton in Worcestershire.

Forensic examination and tests with ground-penetrating radar devices have so far showed no evidence the area may conceal a shallow grave.

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A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said detectives were expecting to end the search last night. Experts began a painstaking search after a witness said he remembered seeing a mound of earth there when he was a teenager 24 years ago.

The search was the latest to take place over the last decade in the area of the disused military barracks at Norton.

A former girlfriend of suspect and convicted killer John Cannan said he once boasted Miss Lamplugh was buried there.

Miss Lamplugh, 25, disappeared in July 1986 after leaving her London offices to meet a client known only as Mr Kipper. Her white Ford Fiesta was later found a mile-and-a-half away. She was declared dead in 1994.