Police sent to street in Glasgow instead of Aberdeen

Police officers responding to an attempted supermarket break-in were wrongly sent to a store 150 miles away in Glasgow rather than Aberdeen.

A door had been damaged at a Tesco outlet on Aberdeen’s Great Western Road in the early hours of April 3, but officers were instead sent to a Tesco store in a Glasgow road with the same name.

It comes after a controversial decision to shut the police control room in Aberdeen last month, with emergency calls now going to a control room in Dundee and non-emergency calls handled at centres in Glasgow, Motherwell and Midlothian.

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Police arrived at the correct Tesco store more than three hours after it was reported.

Superintendent Matt Richards, of Police Scotland’s contact command control division, said : “A call was received at around 5.30am on Monday morning (April 3) in relation to damage caused to a door on Great Western Road which had taken place overnight.

“The call was graded appropriately based on the initial information provided and allocated to officers.

“After receiving further information about the location of the store, officers in Aberdeen were in attendance by 8.50am that morning. Inquiries into the incident are currently ongoing.”