Plea to find new home for deaf cat Mouse

She's full of energy and loves to play with numerous toys, hide in boxes, and all the other games cats enjoy.

But two-year-old Mouse, born pure white, has to make the most of a life spent entirely indoors - because she’s completely deaf.

Venturing outside would be a risk too far, as she wouldn’t hear anything coming, so Cats Protection are looking for a potential new owner who has plenty of house space for her to roam around in.

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She also needs to be with someone who is at home for a good part of the day, as she needs the companionship.

A spokesperson for Cats Protection said: “Mouse lives in a silent world and can be spooked if she doesn’t know where you are and gets a fright, so we would prefer a peaceful home without kids.

“She has been very well looked after all her life and is neutered, chipped and vaccinated although she doesn’t really like the vets”.

Anyone who has had plenty of experience of cats and who might be able to help can get in touch with Cats Protection on 01506 298107.