Plea to back Bill to protect shopworkers

A LABOUR backbencher has issued a last-minute plea to MSPs to back his Bill to protect shopworkers and council staff from assault.

Hugh Henry wants to give all workers who are assaulted while serving the public the same level of protection as emergency workers attacked on the job.

Under his proposals, anyone who assaulted staff working with the public could face up to 12 months and a fine of up to 10,000.

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But the Scottish Parliament's economy and tourism committee claimed his proposal would not give any more protection than the common-law offence of assault.

Mr Henry said MSPs had in recent legislation asked shop-workers to play a more active role in challenging people buying alcohol and tobacco and that politicians should "play fair" by them and increase sentences for those who assault public service workers.

He said: "I believe that my Bill - backed by retailers and workers alike - deserves cross-party support."