Picture: lambs dress up for some bad weather

FARMERS worried that the wet, windy weather could harm lambs have started protecting newborns with colourful coats.

Farmers prepare for the cold and wet spell with special coats

Yesterday may have been the first official day of spring but these lambs, in Parkgate in Dumfries and Galloway, had to be wrapped up to protect them from the elements.

And they might have to keep their bright orange jackets on for some time, with forecasters warning of blustery showers over the weekend. They warned that snow is expected in the more northern parts of Scotland as the colder than normal temperatures continue.

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The sharp change in weather comes after many parts of the country enjoyed blue skies and warm weather last weekend.

Tom Tobler, forecaster for MeteoGroup, said: “Wintry showers are forecast mostly over Scotland, with snow falling on the hills.”

Scattered showers are expected across the country for most of the weekend.