Passengers wait 5 mins for city taxis

THE average wait for a taxi at the city's official stances is five minutes, according to a survey.

The city council carried out the monitoring of nine of its taxi stances in April and May.

It studied the number of taxis and passengers, arrival and departure times, waiting time and whether the customer walked away without getting a taxi.

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The report found that the average wait for the 137 passengers monitored was four minutes and 57 seconds, while 26 of the potential passengers walked away without getting a taxi. The longest amount of time any passenger had to wait was 10 minutes and 10 seconds.

It was also confirmed by the city council that it has received two complaints from members of the public reporting difficulties obtaining taxis.

In a report on demand, the council's taxi licensing officer Peter Lang said that the findings suggest that there is "no significant unmet demand for taxis" in Edinburgh.

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