Parental orders plan to control delinquency

SCOTLAND'S first parenting orders, forcing mothers and fathers to take greater responsibility for out-of-control children, will be issued under a Labour government.

Despite the Scottish Government having the power since 2005, none of the orders to tackle antisocial behaviour among young people have been issued.

However, following public consultations during the summer, Labour says antisocial behaviour still tops residents' concerns and parenting orders are one way of tackling them.

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Under the orders, parents of children found guilty of antisocial behaviour are ordered to attend counselling and support sessions. Although they are designed to support parents, failure to comply can result in court action and a fine.

The orders are issued by local authorities but Labour says that, if it takes power, it will direct councils to introduce them where appropriate.

Community safety spokesman James Kelly said: "Over the summer, I was told time and again that anti-social behaviour was damaging communities and along with tougher and quicker action from the police and local authorities, parents also needed to be held to account for the actions of their children.

"No-one wants to use measures like Asbos or parenting orders, but it is clear that the current situation is not working. The framework that was published in 2007 may need to be re-examined, but it's clear that any incoming Labour administration would push for progress to be made on parenting orders."

A Scottish Government spokesman said it has "focused on supporting parents and helping them improve their skills rather than relying on a blanket dependence on parenting orders. However, such orders remain an option for local authorities."