Paranormal expert plans new Loch Ness Monster hunt

A TOP PARANORMAL expert is planning a return trip to the Highlands - for his latest bid to track down the elusive Loch Ness Monster.

Johnathan will give his talk on Nessie on October 31 in Stirling as part of Scotland's first paranormal festival, before heading north to continue his search. Picture: TSPL

Athens-based investigator Johnathan Bright snapped an infrared picture of a “monstrous head” coming out of the water on his first trip to Loch Ness in 2011.

He will be explaining his theories about the legendary monster during a presentation at the first ever Paranormal Festival to be held in Scotland next week.

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Johnathan said: “It was only a brief trip in the Highlands, but on the day that I was actually cruising the loch, my infrared camera had captured a picture that, in my opinion, proves that the ‘monster’ is much more than a tall tale.

“Of course, a picture alone will never be able to stand out as ‘unambiguous’ evidence, let alone provide adequate answers to all of our questions on the exact nature of the phenomenon that we call Nessie.

“I will explore this theme in my presentation, examining the possible scenarios, but mostly focusing on the idea that I find most intriguing, that Nessie may be some sort of a manifestation of the place itself.

“This idea of course is not new, there is a long tradition of researchers that have understood Nessie as some sort of ‘paranormal’ phenomenon.

“Whatever is the truth, there is no denying that Nessie will continue to intrigue the world for years to come.”

Johnathan will give his talk on Nessie on October 31 in Stirling as part of the festival, before heading north to continue his search.

The event in Stirling has been set up to celebrate Scotland’s scary and unexplained past and present.

It will feature everything from mediums and UFO experts to classic spooky films.

Peter Broughan, Scottish Paranormal Festival director said: “It would be perverse to hold this first Scottish Paranormal Festival and not include a session on Nessie.

“Johnathan is coming all the way from Athens to give us his expertise on what is possibly Scotland’s most well-known legend.

“Jonathan’s involvement highlights both the international scope of the event and the worldwide interest in Scotland as a paranormal place to visit.

“Maybe the monster will put in a special appearance at Loch Ness to mark this inaugural festival.”

The Scottish Paranormal Festival takes place in Stirling between the 31st October and 2nd November, 2014. For full details of the event visit: