The price of energy in Poland is startling , and highlights UK government incompetence - Stephen Mcilkenny

Every household in the UK has likely had a discussion over energy usage and the rising prices as the cost of living crisis continues to grip the nation.

Indeed, my partner and I had such a conversation in the summer as the crisis deepened - and it was that conversation, coupled with rumours of a worsening economic outlook throughout the year and a lack of opportunity in primary school teaching, that saw her make the move to Poland.

Naturally, now living alone in a two bedroom flat, I have become increasingly conservative with energy, using extra layers, hot water bottles and turning off devices at the plug in a bid to cut down on usage, something the government has been urging due to high prices in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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I was startled after having paid my £107 standing order to Bulb for the month, when my partner informed me that her electric bill had just arrived and she had paid 88 PLN, which is equivalent to around £16 for the month.

Residents in the UK face rising energy bills.Residents in the UK face rising energy bills.
Residents in the UK face rising energy bills.

While you may think this is due to a cheaper cost of living, and put this into perspective, a Big Mac meal in Poland costs around 25 PLN, or £4.50.

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Although Poland has a significant reliance on coal, is it any wonder that so many are at the end of their tether when it comes to energy prices when comparing prices in the EU to those faced in the UK?

Last month, Liz Truss said the soaring energy bills faced by Britons this winter and beyond are a “price worth paying” to support Ukraine’s fight against Russia - but Poland has been praised the world over for their support of Ukrainians, and despite an increase in overall cost, has not faced an out of control energy crisis, despite a rise in the overall cost.

Politicians in the UK are simply pulling the wool over our eyes to compensate for a lack of infrastructure, investment in the sector, gas storage facilities, forward planning and a failure to properly control the crisis.

Do they truly believe that we will not realise what is going on elsewhere in Europe as we continue to struggle with the economic fallout and rising energy bills?



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