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Circuit breaker?

National clinical director Jason Leitch said a two-week 'circuit-breaker' could buy the country 28 days in the pandemic. He said some closures to busi ness and education would deliver a "short, sharp shock" to the R number without the need for a full lockdown.

Good that John Swinney has committed to ensuring that restrictions will be targeted to where transmission is occurring so the overwhelming majority of areas in Scotland wont see more punitive restrictions applied - sometimes again. Or has that bit been forgotten already?

Mark Mitchell

Thing is, people travel. Ask Margaret Ferrier.

Paul Johnson

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“Could buy 28 days” so he's keeping fingers crossed it does? And what happens if we do this and it doesn't, then what? Just shows none of them have any idea of what they're doing. They never have. It's a case of keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best

Grant Elliott

We need a circuit breaker like a hole in the head.When are people going to realise that the stats show that more than 99% of the population who if they caught Covid would suffer mildly from flu-like symptoms or not at all. People need to get real and learn to live with the virus - the economy needs to get going again or there won’t be any money to fund set over like the NHS.

Raymond McGregor

Valid statement.

Gordon Lawrie

No point in adding even more restrictions that nobody follows or understands, just enforce the existing ones better.

Craig Morris

Why are we even talking about this when the hospitalisations are still so minuscule? People have by now assessed their own risk profile and are acting accordingly ie it’s the young people who know they are 99% likely to have minimal impact who are catching itOlder, more vulnerable people are keeping themselves safe Let common sense take over, as in Sweden, and stop fixating about lockdowns and let there be some semblance of an economy and jobs left for our young people

Ross Fraser

Never complied with any of this lockdown garbage.

Cassandra McArdle

Yes, I believe so. If we continue to increase in the number of cases, we will not be able to tend to a lot of people. We need to bring the nember of cases down. But people have to cooperate and not to engage in behaviours that put them and others at risk.

Paula Arruda

Scotland needs to ask itself why it’s using a test that’s “a bit rubbish” (Jason’s own words) ie it can’t differentiate an infectious person from a false positive - the latter happening a lot more than most people realise - to continue with this loss of human rights. How can he prove this ‘circuit breaker’ would buy 28 days? Why not 22 or 34? Where’s the evidence? How many lives and businesses would be lost due to this? The Scottish public need transparency and truth.

Gillian Low

You ask if it’s needed like we get a choice in the matter. We are beholden to what the higher ups decide.

Lisa Gribbin

There is no pandemic, never was - it was downgraded even before the first lockdown.

Sandra Aitken

Tell that to relatives of people who have died!

John Robertson

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....rewind to last week when he said a circuit breaker wouldn’t work.

Anne Butler

Welcome to the Nictatorship. Yet again no numbers to justify any of this.

Kerrie Hanstrom

Four weeks would be better.

Ron McPherson

No doubt Sturgeon will want Westminster to bail the Scottish economy out if she goes for a full lockdown.

Shaun Stephens

No. Sweden did not impose strict lockdown and used a more targeted approach during the initial phase of this pandemic, they are now being spared this apparent ‘second wave’! Lockdown has obviously failed.

Sandra Skinner

Stay open, push social distancing, wearing masks, enablehand sanitising stations and keep common use public items sanitised.

William Martin

That’s the problem, not many people are social distancing or wearing masks. I’ve had two workmen in my house since lockdown and not one has worn a mask!

Vikki Cavanagh

Perhaps refuse them entry then? They can't enter your property without you allowing them in.

Lesley Alexander

Throw them oot!

Tae Nimmo