Youth vote counts

We, THE undersigned, write to express our dismay at Glasgow City Council’s decision to withdraw funding for the post of Electoral Registration Youth Engagement Officer.

We are further disappointed that this decision appears to have been made as a direct consequence of an article published in a newspaper on 11 February, attacking the personal political opinions of the post’s holder, Liam O’Hare.

With the independence referendum approaching, and particularly with 16 and 17-year-olds being eligible to vote for the first time, it is essential that young people are provided with the correct information on the voting procedure. The youth engagement officer was set to visit every school in Glasgow over the coming months as well as engaging with universities, colleges and youth groups.

This is absolutely vital work and the fact that funding has been pulled due to a political campaign by a newspaper is frankly unacceptable and does a disservice to young people in Glasgow. It also sets a very dangerous precedent when a newspaperis setting the agenda.

As a public body and in the interests of natural justice and transparency, we feel it is important that Glasgow City Council makes clear its reasons for taking this decision, and details how it was arrived at.

In addition, and in the interests of the young people of Glasgow, we urge Glasgow City Council to reinstate the funding for this post.

Gordon Maloney

National Union of
Students Scotland

Pat Rafferty

Unite the Union

Willie Sullivan

Electoral Reform Society Scotland

David Hayman

Actor, recipient of City of Glasgow Gold Medal

Sarah Collins

Scottish Trade Union
Congress Youth Committee

Jamie Max Caldwell

Unite the Union Scotland Youth Committee

Suki Sangha

STUC Youth Committee

Stacey Devine

NUS Scotland

Vince Mills

Red Paper Collective

Stan Crooke

Glasgow Unite Not for Profit branch

Vicky Grandon

Glasgow Unite Not for Profit Branch

Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association Executive Committee

James Ferns, Roza Salih, Josh Hong

Strathclyde Students

Barclay McCrindle

Activities and
Development, Glasgow
Clyde College